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    Makeup Accessories
    This season, it is going to become a stronger movement that turns every person who uses it into a personal artist. In 2018 makeup promises to explore a host of moods that can become reality through design and color.

    2018 is presented in a thousand ways and conditions in terms of makeup, but with a common denominator: to be seen as something "fresh". The reason: just as fashion focuses on the past made new, beauty also re-conditions the vintage and reinvents ages and icons. Thus, retrospective references are logical and more common on this trip than ever.

    This is not a season in which contoured cheeks, erased lips or caramel tones predominate, the honest approach to makeup revolves around earth tones: rust, tan, ocher, sepia and tea, but with a soft, deconstructed and vivid quality.
    Kaushal    - A sensual makeup - Makeup Accessories