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    Extra long coats up to the calf, wide and flared trousers, floral prints, the act of dressing by layers (also known as 'layering') ... there are many surprises that this autumn-winter keeps as far as fashion is concerned.

    One of the trends is that of long coats. Almost two decades have passed since Keanu Reeves was dressed in that extra long coat to play the role of Neo in The Matrix. An aesthetic that regains validity in this season, they are going to take the bulky and long female coats (how much better), sometimes with a certain masculine bearing and that, if they fit the body, they can even serve as a dress.

    In addition, the good thing about this type of garments is that they have the chic style of trench coats and shelter and highlight the figure. And at the same time they are garments that give the possibility of combining with elegant pieces like dresses or for more casual looks with jeans.
    Scherezade  Shroff  - Prepared for autumn - Coat