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    Wicks are a trend for hair in 2018, and we will focus mainly on the tones that will be worn this season in the dark-haired girls with black or brown hair.

    Candy shades are fashionable and are very versatile, especially in those with dark hair. Many celebrities have been imposing this trend on red carpets, and will continue to do so for a few more seasons. If the caramel wicks are made as faint reflections, which means 2 or 3 shades lighter than the natural hair color, it generates a beautiful, really attractive look. They look very natural, and they add volume, light and interest.

    Caramel tones can go to gold (with a yellowish hue) or to copper (with more reddish shades). You will also see wicks in fantasy colors like red, blue, purple, pink ...

    Shades such as red, blue and purple are becoming increasingly popular in hair strands. These tones are highly adaptable and will make them stand out in any space, but to guarantee their success they must be sure to wear them with a lot of attitude.
    Eshani  Patel  - Wicks for brunettes